Maylarch retain Asbestos Licence

Maylarch obtained their first licence in 1999 and have retained a licence ever since. We are delighted to announce that following a detailed assessment we have gained another 3 year licence to work with asbestos.

Any business like Maylarch working in the asbestos removal industry must obtain a licence from HSE before carrying out any licensable work with asbestos. The licensing system is a strict process put in place to ensure that those employers carrying out higher risk work on asbestos, can demonstrate that they are competent to carry out the work, and have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to protect the health and safety of their employees and themselves.

During the assessment the HSE looked closely at all aspects of the company including the planning and delivery of asbestos removal projects, project feedback, paperwork, recognition of non-asbestos risks, training, competency assessments, personal air monitoring and the management and attitude towards health and safety. Most importantly, they audited our performance on site. A 3 year asbestos licence is not easy to achieve and it has taken a great team effort to get to this point.

Special praise goes to the Supervisors and Site teams who continue to deliver excellent standards along with the Contracts Managers and support staff who work really hard on planning works from start to finish.

If you require support in the management or removal of asbestos please do contact Maylarch on 018655 883829

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