CPD Course – Managing Asbestos in a Construction Project

This half day seminar is offered by Maylarch and accredited by the CPD Certification Service. It will give attendees the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with asbestos found on construction sites - safely and in line with all the relevant legislation and procedures.

As an award winning, multi-disciplinary, environmental services contractor, Maylarch has been delivering compliance and peace of mind for over 30 years.

Maylarch has extensive experience in dealing with asbestos found in construction projects. As well as understanding the safety, legal and regulatory procedures regarding asbestos, Maylarch are also able to share their knowledge of the commercial considerations with seminar attendees.

The seminar will cover:

  • Overview of asbestos
  • Overview of current asbestos regulations in the UK
    • Duty to manage
    • Licensed work, non-licensed work and notifiable non-licensed work
  • Identification, removal, disposal and documentation requirements of asbestos
  • Overlap of CAR 2012 asbestos regulations with other legislation affecting construction – CDM 2015 and waste
  • Opportunity for questions and answers to address attendees’ real issues


Attendees will understand:

  • Background and dangers of asbestos
  • How to deal safely with asbestos within construction and development projects
  • Best practices to protect themselves and their company from legal liability
  • How to manage the processes around asbestos removal
  • The rules and procedures that must be met for compliance

This knowledge will enable attendees to minimise legal and safety risks of asbestos found on construction sites and make good commercial decisions on asbestos related matters.

Who should attend?

The regulations around asbestos require ‘competent people’ and ‘duty holders’ to be in place so it is important for those on site with that responsibility to have up to date knowledge.

The seminar can be tailored to your exact requirements, but Maylarch can run the seminar for housebuilders, contractors, developers and building and property consultants on request.

Typical attendees would be project managers, planners, environmental consultants, cost consultants, engineers and other professionals who are involved in managing asbestos found on construction sites.

Location and cost:

If you have a group of people who would benefit from this CPD course, you arrange a suitable venue and a Maylarch expert will attend and present the content.

Maylarch also offer a limited number of free lunchtime sessions which also carry CPD accreditation. 

Please contact us to discuss availability of the course and your requirements.


The course is accredited by the CPD and attendees will all receive a certificate of completion.


"We found the session to be clear, concise and informative to refresh our understanding of the duty of care requirements under current legislation on projects likely to be affected by asbestos"

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If you are interested in our CPD course on managing asbestos in a construction project or would like advice on managing asbestos found on site, we would be pleased to help. 

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