How we work

The Construction Industry has an impact on people’s lives as it defines our local environments. Asbestos identification, Removal, Demolition works and the subsequent Waste Management should be a fully integrated part of the ‘construction circle’ and require the highest level of care with regards to compliance, our environment and people’s health and safety.

“Sustainability of the environment, the project and our working relationships are at the heart of how we do things at Maylarch. It is the filter through which we see things.”

Nick Williamson, Chairman

Our Clients

There are two main benefits for our clients. First, a significant financial gain generated by Maylarch best practices in terms of re-using materials and reducing waste sent to landfill. Second, the reassuring knowledge that through our strict environmental and safety policies, Maylarch will deliver a fully compliant project which will reflect positively on them.

Our Staff

Sustainability has been clearly embedded into our company culture and we look to our staff to embrace this ethos and help move us even further ahead in our aims to continuously improve as a responsible and sustainable company both on site and in the office.

The Communities

We are very conscious of the impact we can have on the local environment of the communities in which we operate. This is why we work hard to minimise the risks and inconvenience inherent to our activity such as noise level and traffic issues.

The environment

We are very proud of the environmental performance we have achieved so far and we believe it is the result of our effort to establish a ‘Sustainable Culture’ throughout the company.

Don’t Just take our word for it

Over its 30 years history, Maylarch has worked very hard to comply with the toughest regulations and has been recognised for doing so.