Project: Banbury Rail Depot Remediation

Client: Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd (Network Rail)

Value: £1,500,000

Duration: 10 months


A 10 acre site near Banbury contaminated with asbestos, hydrocarbons and Japanese knotweed was identified to be used as a refuelling depot for Network Rail.

Environmental surveys revealed that the main contaminant was asbestos which was found across the site.

Maylarch designed the onsite remediation methods and worked with the client, the project environmental consultant, Network Rail’s accredited analytical company and the onsite team to remediate the site in line with the remediation strategy.

In addition, through careful planning and innovative onsite methodologies, Maylarch were able to achieve a 50% cost reduction on the initial remediation budget.

The project:

  • Design of onsite remediation methods to remediate the asbestos down to a safe level and allow the land to be taken back into use.
  • The asbestos was a mixture of bonded and fibrous asbestos across the site with some hotspots of asbestos which required 14 days notification to HSE.
  • Maylarch were able to reduce the landfill tax and associated costs of the traditional ‘dig and dump’ method by implementing an ‘in situ’ remediation strategy:
    • The quantity of waste taken off site was minimised
    • Hot spot areas were targeted to reduce quantities of hazardous waste to as low a volume as possible.
    • Where possible, the hazardous waste threshold of any waste was lowered down to a classification of non-hazardous waste

The outcome:

Ongoing monitoring was carried out throughout the project. The asbestos was remediated down to a safe level, the clearance certificate was issued and the client was able to continue their plans for the site.


“I'd like to thank you and your team at Maylarch for your excellent work at Banbury Depot, Network Rail project and also the proactive way you helped us and the project team overcome the challenges the project faced whilst maintaining compliance throughout.

I have found the people at Maylarch to be very professional and able to react quickly as and when the work dictates, which can often be the case with asbestos land remediation. They were happy to get involved with daily problem solving to keep the project running.

I would be happy to recommend Maylarch to others as the service you deliver is of the highest standard with works carried out within the agreed time frame and on budget. ”

Project Manager - BGCL (Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd)

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