We Made It!

A remarkable journey 500 kms across Ghana in 40 degrees of heat and humidity on a bicycle with my daughter and 65 riders in aid of vulnerable kids.

We are raising money for a UK Charity called Child.org and their partner in Ghana, the Shape Lives Foundation to support multiple projects. 

At the end of the ride all the bikes have been donated to one of their projects The Bike Club which provides bicycles to children and members of the wider community. A bike in the rural areas we cycled through allows children and adults access to education and healthcare, whilst providing a convenient means of transport for market produce, drinking water and even livestock!

The blog post below tells the story of a 16 year old called Kudroha, who just happens to be the same age as my daughter, Eve, who was with me on this adventure, Kudroha is one of the beneficiaries of the Bike Club initiative and, as Martina Gant from Child.org explains, a bike can transform the life of a young Ghanaian living in a rural area.

We had to stop regularly to fill up our water bottles and would always draw a crowd of local kids 

Like lots of kids in Ghana these kids didn't get a meal at school and some might not eat from one day to the next but they would still attend school if their families could afford it.

After 5 days of riding we arrived at our destination just outside Ho Hoe deep in the Ghanaian countryside, this is where Child.org has multiple projects around health, education and nutrition. With our help they hope to extend this to more communities.

We had an incredible welcome and were greeted by the whole village including the village elders and local musicians!

I'm very proud of my daughter and all the riders for making it and raising funds for this great charity Child.org

I would like to say a massive thanks to all our supporters

If you would like to help you still can, please donate here, every little helps!

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